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Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne cheats and cheat codes for PC

Cheat mode:
Hit ENTER to bring up the two player message box, then enter one of the
following cheat codes, then hit ENTER again to activate the indicated
cheat effect. If the code is accepted, you will see the "Cheat Code Enabled"
message. Note: Cheats can only be enabled in single player mode and
custom maps. Also, some cheat codes are case-sensitive.

Code - Effect
whosyourdaddy - Invincibile mode and one hit kills
whoisjohngalt - Faster research
warpten - Faster build
thereisnospoon - Infinite mana
thedudeabides - Remove spell cool down
TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Hear credits music (in single player mode)
synergy - Disable Tech Tree requirements in campaign
strengthandhonor - Keep playing after losing in campaign mode
somebodysetupusthebomb - Lose
sharpandshiny - Research upgrades
riseandshine - Set time to morning
pointbreak - No need for food
motherland - Level select1
lightsout - Set time to evening
leafittome - Lumber (the default is 500)
lamisilat - 20 footmen
keysersoze - Gold (the default is 500)
itvexesme - Disable victory conditions
iseedeadpeople - Full map
iocainepowder - Fast death
ihavethepower - Your and allies heroes are level 10
greedisgood - Gold and lumber; 500 is default
daylightsavings <1-24> - Set time of day
daylightsavings - Enable/disable daylight progression
allyourbasearebelongtous - Win the game instantly
abrakadabra - Trees disappear

Secret Orc level:
Choose the "Custom Campaign" option, then select the "Exodus Of The Horde"
option. The game will launch a screen with the selection of the 1st level.

Drunken Panda picture:
Finish all the levels in the "Secret tower level" to access to an image
of the Drunken Panda. In the next chapter, you can use him to help.

Find secret items:
Destroy tents, huts, or other houses. You can find Scroll of Town Portals,
Potions of Mana, etc.

Choose the "Custom Game" option, then select "Scenarios" to find a dodge sheep
mini-game and hero quest mini-game.

Need more cheats?
Check out the Trainers section for Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne trainer

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